Product Name:Cellulose ethers for detergent and cosmetics(MH5002)

Cellulose ethers for detergent and cosmetics(MH5002)


 Cellulose ethers for detergent and cosmetics have various properties such as thickening, foam stabilization, emulsification and easy dispersion. They have good compatibility with various additives of detergent and cosmetics, and are widely used in detergent, shower cream, shampoo, liquid hand sop, laundry soap and etc…
Good dispersion in cool water. Through excellent and uniform surface treatment, it can be quickly dispersed in cool water to avoid agglomeration and uneven dissolution, and obtain a uniform solution finally;
Good thickening effect. The required consistency of the solution can be obtained by adding a small amount. It is effective for systems in which other thickeners are difficult to thicken;  
Safety. Safe and non-toxic, physiologically harmless. It can not be absorbed by the body;
Good compatibility and system stability. It is a non-ionic material that works well with other auxiliaries and doesn’t react with ionic additives to keep the system stable;
Good emulsification and foam stability. It has high surface activity and can provide the solution with good emulsification effect. At the same time, it can keep the bubble stable in the solution and give the solution a good application property;
Adjustable bodying speed. The speed of viscosity increment of the product can be controlled according to requirements;
High transmission. The cellulose ether is specially optimized from the raw material to the production process, and has excellent transmittance to obtain a transparent and clear solution.

Grade MH5002  
Form Powder  
Solubility Water soluble  
Viscosity(Mpa.s) 70,000 Brookfield RV
Ash ≤4%  
Gel temperature 75℃  
PH 6.0-8.0(2% solution)  
Moisture content Max 7% ASTMD1347-72
Particle size <177μm:min.95%  

Product Packing:

25 kg kraft paper compound bag, inside with PVC plastic bags.
Storage and Delivery
Prevent rain and sunny, prevent fire and damp, airtight ventilation preservation, according to non-dangerous goods shipping.

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